About Mitrebox Inc.

What We Have to Offer:

Our design/build process is organized to save you time and money by focusing the process between owner and builder. This enables us to value engineer as we go and maintain a high level of fidelity between the goals of the client and the finished product.

New Homes
We have built a number of new homes on Lopez and Shaw, working with a variety of northwest architects in a multitude of styles. A few of the houses were designed by the owners themselves. Our goal is to perform high quality, properly detailed work that maximizes longevity and minimizes maintenance.

We pride ourselves in our ability to work with owners and architects to design on the fly when necessary and resolve hidden conditions when discovered. Our crew depth and progressive relationships with subcontractors and material suppliers ensures that the project moves quickly along the desired timeframe for the client.

Whether designed by an architect, the owner, or us, we enjoy the challenge of expanding an existing structure while maintaining continuity of the original building's overall design.

Handyman Services
Having a mid sized crew of ten to fifteen employees allows us to be responsive when clients need small repairs or maintenance services.

Additional Services
Mitrebox offers several, both in house and separately, as a way of maintaining quality and service while expanding our abilities.

We have an all terrain boom/forklift with a 6,000lb. capacity and three ways of handling materials: forks, truss boom, or 1 3/4 yd. bucket.

We offer installation of gutters and downspouts in half round galvanized steel, copper, or painted steel and aluminum. We also offer seamless, "K" style painted aluminum gutters and downspouts.

Functionally, other than the foundation, a watertight roof is the most important detail of a building. Because we feel this way, Mitrebox has always performed roofing for our construction clients. We now offer this service to the community at large, specializing in high quality metal roofs.

Our Crew: bios coming soon...

Bill Lewis

Kim Bast

Tom Froning

Bruce Botts

Alan Roberson

Steve Sovelove

Coenraad Willemsen

Zach Dawson

Karjam Saeji

Seth Morgan

Greg Houle

Rahman Anderson

Neal Anderson

Colter Seifert

Alex Skott