Our Mission

Our focus is meeting and exceeding client expectations of quality, budget, and schedule.

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship resulting in high performance, low maintenance buildings. We are a service oriented company that is responsive to client needs. Our commitment to the Island community emphasizes positive, long term relationships and integrity. All contractors are not the same. Mitrebox offers a superlative product all around.

The depth of our talent and crew size allow us to adapt to unique projects that require a can-do attitude. Mitrebox's local team provides pre-construction services such as site planning, design, structural and value engineering, and permitting. Once you are ready to begin we can preform or contract everything from site work to the final touches.

We contract with local and regional professionals, material suppliers, crafts-people, and subcontractors allowing us to build strategies that will, cost effectively, tie your project to the community and land. We stand by our work, and are available for service, maintenance, and improvements long after your project has been completed.